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Vision Quest

A woman's Vision Quest differs from a man's Quest. Women know about sacrifices of the body. For most of us, we are ruled by our Moon cycles, ebbing and flowing each month. There is no need to punish the body in order to find and hear our Guidance. Rather than going into the physical wilderness, we learn to look within to hear the Voice, and receive the Visions from God/Goddess.

When you ask to be taken on this Journey, be mindful that it will change you, for that is the purpose.

As your Teacher and Guide, I will walk through this Process with you. Talk with me concerning your desire and intent for doing a Vision Quest. This search for visions, answers, inner truth, direction, or other personal choice, is always a very unique and sacred task. This generally runs from Friday sunset to Sunday sunrise or later.

Please call for available times, and important information concerning Vision Quests. 345-6235