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Naming Ceremonies

There are times in our lives when,
through some change, some Rite of Passage, some alchemical shift,
we are no longer who we were.
At these times, as in many indigenous cultures, a new name is given
by the priest, priestess, shaman, singer, or medicine person of the community.

A Spirit name is a name that comes from the Divine, so when you ask for a Naming, you are requesting to hear from Spirit. Much may be asked of you. You will be asked to create a life Necklace to honor the four directions, all the elements and creatures of the earth, and your own unique life journey. This Necklace will reflect you to the World. It is to be kept whole: never to be taken apart; it is a ceremonial piece. Other jewelry or such can be blessed on the altar. I offer support and guidance about the essential ingredients for the Necklace, and any other ceremonial preparation. When the Necklace is completed, I journey with your Necklace and am given a Spirit name which offers direction and encouragement to you on your Path. I facilitate a Naming Ceremony to bestow this Spirit name, and share it with your community: those special people in your life whom you have invited to this Ceremony.

Please call for more information at 345-6235.