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Ascendent Rising:
Astrology readings

Based on a system of study that has been used for centuries, and brought forward
from ancient Babylon, Egypt, and Assyria, Astrology is an ongoing study.

Through Astrology, you can discover what motivates you, and what pushes you. You'll gain a better understanding of your unconscious behaviors, as well as an understanding of the tools and gifts with which you came into this life.

Astrology is all about you; when you receive a Natal reading of your chart, you are giving yourself a true gift:
the gift of inner wisdom and inner knowing brought into the light of day.

Life-changing events are good times to check with a Natal reading, solar return, Saturn return, and using progressions. A Natal reading is based on the day you were born. A Solar return is based on the return of the Sun to the place in the sky where you were born.

My work hours are 9-5 PST, Monday through Friday.
Saturday, I am at the Market.
Please call for an appointment at 541-345-6235.
I am also available for phone readings,
and sometimes able to negotiate alternative hours.