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Seven Sacred Planets
and their Archetypal Powers:
The Seven Gods and Goddesses
And the Roles they play

A Seven-Week Class
Payment plans available

Come and spend one night a week
with each of the planets known as the Sacred Seven.
This class will give to you
a greater understanding of the planets
and the role they contribute to our lives.

Western Astrologers draw on the ancient Greek deities of Mt. Olympus
to give depth and meaning to the human psyche.
The mythology of each Planet
adds to the depth and dimension of the human heart,
while expanding and deepening our spiritual Knowing.
In this class, using tools of meditation and visionary clues,
we will gain a greater comprehension
of the meaning and role the Sacred Seven play in our lives.

Taught by Connie Bender
Call to register: 345-6235


Planetary Gods and Goddesses