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Crone Ceremony

The Croning Ceremony is a sacred Rite of Passage seldom celebrated anymore.
It is not restricted to any particular age, but generally calls you after 50,
after you have somewhat overcome the boulders on your Path.
There is much to bless and release of your past, and to welcome into the present.

This Ceremony involves a consolidation of power and a rebirth of Self.
When you request a crone, or eldership, Ceremony, you are making a deep commitment.
You will walk through a life review, letting go of whatever no longer serves you,
emptying out, and creating the space for a new foundation.

As Ceremony facilitator, I will guide you through your preparation.
I will be communicating with your spiritual Guides, so that I can be of service in your Process,
and in officiating on the day of the Ceremony.

For information, please call: 345-6235.
Be advised that the preparatory work for this can be more than a year long.